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Massage studio Eva 


Night of museum and galleries 

15. may 2021

In February 2021 I was selected by Slovak National Gallery to become a resident in old mill – Schaubmarov mlyn in Pezinok.

I supposed to react to current exhibition called Group Therapy, curated by Petra Hanáková.

I explored one to one session, reacting on Valentina Desideri and Betty Martin practices.

But as gallery stayed closed, we decided to create a video of one of the potential sessions, which was then (in the end) presented in gallery as well. 

head massage, resting, kalimba sounds, Palo Santo, tarot, smarties, essential oils, flowers, Maria, ferns, textile, ikea light, working shoes, nude dress, outside breeze, creepy books, hair brush, atlantooccipital joint, yes, no, maybe, calm beach, womb sounds, no phone, whispering,

Concept: Eva Priečková
Collab/performance: Nikola Čemanová
Video: Jakub Steinecker
Sound: Vahe Grigorjan
Photo: Katarína Poliačiková

Curatorial text written by Petra Hanáková:

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