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ShSsssh...It'll be OK! (collective recreation)


2017 was, among others, a year of the glue. Glue factories all over the world were hopelessly out of stock. Glue became the basic ingredient in preparing a DIY slime. Since then, the slime has flooded the Internet as well as toy stores. It fills children bedroom shelves and encourages to endless experiments. It spreads over hands with the desire of smooth touch. It mutates into various shapes or colours, bursts dazzlingly, and attracts the eyes of millions of followers on the other side of the screen. Nowadays, the slime is an ultimate portal and a tip of an iceberg of the phenomena called #asmr and #oddlysatisfying. 

Shssssh… It’ll Be OK is a multisensory performance designed for Studio 12, Bratislava. A participant is offered freedom of movement – they choose their own starting point of the environment exploration. The smells, visual and haptic sensations, sounds, voice, movement, and the overall atmosphere of the space are mixed to suit the variable needs of the collective recreation. Is it possible to transfer the ASMR principles to a theatre venue? Where are the boundaries between passive reception and active perception, spontaneous interactivity and choreography for the mirror neurons? Or, between a massage salon, a regional library, and a Snoezelen? How does the slime relate to photosynthesis, tapping of fingernails, marimo, lava, skin, and weeping willow?

Crew: András Cséfalvay, Zoltán Czakó, Jonáš Gruska, Jakub Juhás, Eva Priečková, Ján Solčáni, Silvia Sviteková, Maja Stefancikova

Light design: Jožiš Čabo
Tech. support: Dominik Novák
Produkcia: Ivo Dobrovodsky, Batyskaf
Plagát: Katla Katla
Teaser: Olli Aarni

photos: Leontína Berková

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