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Waiting for a magic Evgus to happen


by: Fergus Johnson, Eva Priečková

Maybe it is a duet. A landscape of two bodies twisting; rivers at a confluence. Or maybe it’s a touch and a look, a funny sound, the smell of your armpit. So here we are again, following each other through the chaos of relation and play and diving into magic.

„waiting for a magic Evgus to happen“ is a duet which seeks to blur the distinction between self and other. It is a cosmos of movement, sensation and imagination. The work occurs through a process we call experimental empathy - a toolkit for creating a shared self from distinct individuals. „waiting for a magic Evgus to happen“ is and ongoing collaboration between. Eva Priečková and Fergus Johnson. They are both artists working primarily through dance and performance.

Performance is part of the project Berghain duets. (Berghain as a metaphore of shelter, paradise garden or a mythical place that creates support for everybody without distinction of gender, religion, social status,..)

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