born 02.02.1990, Bojnice, SK


In 2015 Eva finished her studies in the dance department of the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava, with a masters degree (in master diploma thesis she explored the possibilities of a connection between movement and voice in improvisations and the impact on individual expression). Afterwards, Eva moved to Prague where she mostly focused on teaching improvisation and creative dance with group of „nondancers“. In 2016 she participated in the SMASH program in Berlin, which helped her to redefine body and mind patterns. She is part of  collective Falošný pohyb, o.z. mimoOs and PLaST. She is currently PhD student in Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic. 

Eva is a freelance movement artist. She is mainly fascinated by artistic forays of dance towards experimental music, observing motion in various ecosystems, kinetic installations and physical performances in public space. She regularly gives public classes of creative dance which are called “beeing flow”. In her research she refutes the concept of dance virtuosity and the perfectly organized and trained body, and focuses on the phenomenon of movement in everyday life and its development within a community. She offers the concept of Flow, which was detailed by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. By means of simple tasks she attempts to focus attention to the individual needs and capacities of the body, stimulate free creativity without any evaluative system or the need for a dogmatic vocabulary of movement. She considers cooperation across disciplines very important for her work. Her work or work where she has participated has been performed as part of festivals, happenings and residencies in Slovakia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Chile, China and Mexico.