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You don't need to know why, Caroline

"Female friendship is deeply mysterious to evolutionary theory... despite the lack of a blood relationship between them, women have become friends. In fact, they have become more than girlfriends, they have become intimate friends. They didn't just form an exchange relationship with each other (I'll help you if you help me), but something stronger - they formed an emotional interdependence that went beyond scratching each other's backs. Their relationships were intense, intimate and shared. How did that happen?" Anne Campbell, evolutionary psychologist

"The territory of friendship. Intense bonding, multiplicity in similarity, a sense of micro-community.

We are with them (Eva and Silvia) in a state of endless oscillation between immobility and the will to move forward, a hesitant backing away, a humble retreat - we are with warriors who find themselves in the in-between time of battle, preparation for battle and rehabilitation after battle. They attract and repel catastrophes - navigating the spaces of grief, strength, weakness, submission and rebellion. Their shared choreography is therefore a paradox - it is at once a casually pitched yet meticulously composed ode to weak strength and feminine irrationality. To the madonna of sisterly love, of female friendship. And to this, both woman and man can look up equally. And she doesn't even have to know why, not really." Maja Hriešik, dramaturgical support of the performance


Concept and performance: Eva Priečková, Silvia Sviteková

Set design, costume, visual design: Lucia Gamanová

Lighting design: Anna Ďurišíková

Technical cooperation: Dominik Novák

Production of the premiere:Ivo Dobrovodský - Batyskaf o.z.

Production of the rerun: o.z.mimoOs

Thanks to Maja Hriešik, Station Žilina - Záriečie, Telocvičňa - Residential Centre for Dance, PlaST - Platform for Contemporary Dance

The performance was supported by the Fund for the Support of the Arts from public funds.


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